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Other Amazing Seafood

From Around the World

Seattle Seafood Center sources incredible seafood from the farthest reaches of the planet, and direct to your doorstep.

frozen shrimps on plate

Vannamei Shrimp from the warm waters off Ecuador.  In a variety of sizes and types, some of the best shrimp you will find anywhere.

Yellowfin Tuna steak

Yellowfin Tuna from Southeast Asia.  Steaks, Saku, Loins and all AAA and Sashimi Grade.

Yellowfin Tuna steak

Spot Prawns from British Columbia are among the best in the market.  They are only available at certain times during the year, and they are the only Prawn to be Sushi graded.

You can visit our Seattle Store at 717 South Michigan Street and marvel at our live Red King crab from Norway alongside live Dungeness crab from Puget Sound and live Lobster from Nova Scotia. 

For other products we offer, please email [email protected] or call our Seattle Store at (206) 786-5068

Wholesale Purchases

With Seattle Seafood Center, you don’t have to live by the seaside to access the best catch around. Our seafood delivery service is happy to ship the most desirable, hard-to-find products to any address. Our team has decades of experience negotiating the best prices and importing the tastiest sea fare.

Inquire today about our Vannamei Shrimp, Ahi Yellowfin Tuna, Snow Crab, Dungeness Crab, Red King Crab & more!